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Our Portfolio Companies demonstrate:

  • Disruptive technologies in strong and growing markets
  • Strategic intellectual property positioning
  • Visionary leadership teams
  • Long-term social benefits.

Our dominant technical areas are medical, environmental, materials sciences, SaaS (Software as a Service) and business management solutions designed to grow profitable companies.

DDB Technology’s mission is to grow profitable companies that provide long-term social benefits and increase employment opportunities. 

Breakthrough Innovation

Breaking the Vision Barrier

Unlocking Potential and Transforming Lifestyles


The mission of ADVANCED OPTICA Sciences ™ is to invent, develop and commercialize breakthrough proprietary vision systems through advanced optical engineering.


Denise Drace-Brownell talks with “Reader’s Digest” about her life-long struggle with BVD and her new invention to help address the condition. More Details >>>

"Binocular Vision Disorder: A Patient’s Guide to a Life-Limiting, Often Underdiagnosed, Medical Condition" by Denise Drace-Brownell, Eliva Press, 2021 More Details >>>