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DDB Technology believes directed innovation solves problems—whether inventions to improve daily life, or breakthroughs that transform the human condition.

DDB Technology contributes proceeds to help those with binocular vision disorder.

Binocular vision disorder is a condition of the eyes, caused by an inability to maintain comfortable sustained focusing at distance or near (accommodation), or comfortable sustained alignment of images which are normally fused to maintain single binocular vision (vergence). The more common symptoms of poor binocular vision include suppression (turning off an image in the brain), double vision (diplopia), blurred vision, eye strain, motion sickness, headaches, fatigue, loss of concentration while reading or working at tasks at near, loss of balance, difficulty seeing in 3-D, poor reading comprehension, and challenges working with abstract formulas used in fields such as science, technology, and finance.


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According to the American Optometric Association,

more than 60% of children

who have difficulty with learning,

have undiagnosed vision problems.

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Ask your Eye Care Professional

for a comprehensive eye exam today.

DDB Technology’s founder, Denise Drace-Brownell, determined she would solve the challenges of her own BVD. She invented improvements to glasses, which in many cases can provide substantial relief for those with BVD. Wearers can realize more of their potential in school, in sports, and in life.

More about Denise

Denise Drace-Brownell, J.D., M.P.H., Founder and CEO

During her career as a science and technology innovation executive, Denise Drace-Brownell has created successful businesses and furthered breakthrough ideas for emerging growth, mid-sized, and Fortune 500 companies.

As President of The Interpublic Group’s medical branding division, she developed a unique branding and intellectual property program which maximized value for both products and their corporate owners.

She has been brought in as a corporate strategist in declining markets and for companies facing new competition. Among her pivotal campaigns, she addressed women’s health misperceptions for Wyeth’s healthcare franchise, reaching an audience of over 100 million in less than two months, and earning praise from The Lancet as exemplary public education. Billion-dollar revenues doubled within three years.

Denise has held CEO, VP Corporate Development, General Counsel and Board of Director positions for a number of science and technology-based organizations. Her clients have included J&J, Myriad Genetics and Chevron, among several others.

As head of regulatory affairs for a subsidiary of Foster Wheeler, Denise implemented a company-wide risk management program that became a profit center. Earlier, she was a corporate attorney in Akzo Nobel’s US M&A unit, completing over 100 commercial deals across business lines of pharmaceuticals, medical diagnostics, and chemical and coatings industries.

Denise holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Illinois; a Master’s in Public Health from Columbia University Medical Center’s Mailman School of Public Health; and a law degree from Rutgers, with advanced work at the University of Pennsylvania. She is a certified optician.

Serving as counsel to governors and state governments on environmental and energy matters, she has led important interstate and federal negotiations.

Denise is a published author and has delivered speeches and papers at several institutions and forums including the Polytechnic Institute of New York University, the Bentley Global Business Ethics Symposium sponsored by State Street Bank and Bentley College, Licensing Executives Society International, Inc., and the Association for Corporate Growth.

Denise has been a long-time advocate for children’s vision care and comprehensive vision exams. She invented significant improvements to prismatic eyeglasses for binocular vision challenges.

The company she founded, DDB Technology, LLC, was awarded the 2016 Small Cap Award by Corporate American News for Best Business Growth Company - New York & Most Innovative IP Management Solution: IP Pro®